How to fix PS5 coil whine in 2021

PS5 coil whine is a common issue for next-gen hardware owners. After securing one of the rare consoles and spending hundreds of dollars in the process, encountering the whining coil issue is a big problem. But, is there a PlayStation 5 coil whine fix? Here’s the need-to-know info on how to fix PS5 coil whine in 2021.

PS5 coil whine fix (2021)

how to fix PS5 coil whine in 2021

Here’s what to do after encountering the PS5 coil whine issue:

  1. Ensure that the PS5 is in a well-ventilated area
  2. If the problem persists, open up the console and remove any fan obstructions
  3. Alternatively, contact PlayStation Support for official repairs

Game developer @Frank_Supercell was able to fix the PS5 coil whine problem simply by opening up the console and removing a sticker. In that instance, the issue wasn’t actually a whining coil at all — it’s possible that others are also misinterpreting a fan obstruction as such. Anyone brave enough to open up their PlayStation 5 at home should click here to see what the offending sticker looks like.

For additional help on removing the PlayStation 5 fan to fix coil whine, check out this official PS5 teardown guide:

Of course, it’s worth noting that opening up the PS5 and attempting a homebrew coil whine/fan noise fix may void the warranty. Since a whining coil falls under the official warranty, it’s safer (if slower) to contact PlayStation Support for a repair or replacement.

In some cases, the issue can even rectify itself. Before sending the console away and missing out on valuable game time, or opening it up and potentially voiding the warranty, it might be worth trying to ignore the noise for an additional day or two. If the PS5 coil whine starts getting worse, however, rather than better, stop using the console immediately.

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