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When is the Pokemon Go July 2021 Spotlight Hour?

Pokemon Go is once again gearing up for a summer of special events, and the regular Spotlight Hours are still ongoing. The last one in June focuses on Aipom, with the chance to catch a shiny version of the Pokemon. Read on to find out when the July 2021 Spotlight Hour is in Pokemon Go.

What time is the Pokemon Go July 2021 Spotlight Hour?

Pokemon Go July 2021 Spotlight Hour

Spotlight Hours are from 6-7 PM in your local time, meaning there’s always the chance to catch something rare at that time.

Of course, Spotlight Hours don’t happen every single day. They are often a weekly event that takes place on a certain day. Niantic hasn’t yet revealed what day the July hours will land on, but this article will be updated with the new information as it becomes known.

With the time being the same no matter the time zone, it means players won’t have to go out at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the event. 6-7 PM should hopefully be a good hour for the majority of players.

We can go off June 2021’s Spotlight Hours as a good guess for when they’ll happen in July. They happen every Tuesday, usually with a different Pokemon as the focus. In that hour, they’re pretty much the only thing you’ll encounter in the world, which makes it the perfect time to catch loads and boost for Candies.

We don’t know for certain which Pokemon will appear in Spotlight Hours in July. However, Niantic labeled July as the month of Bidoof. You can almost guarantee that the adorable Normal-type Pokemon will appear in one of the Spotlight Hours. Other Pokemon that got the spotlight in June included Dwebble, Abra, and Slowpoke. You can expect other relatively common Pokemon to crop up – and once again, don’t rule out a Bidoof takeover.

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