Aquaman 2 may have revealed its titular Lost Kingdom and villain

Image: Warner Bros. / DC Comics

Director James Wan may have confirmed Aquaman 2‘s Necrus as the titular Lost Kingdom, along with confirming that the next big DC Comics movie has begun filming at last. This also suggests that the Aquaman 2 villain may be Mongo, the ruler of the Black City of Necrus, which would be a deep cut for the second Aquaman movie — unless this is a massive misdirect by James Wan. So what is Necrus and who is Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’s villain?

What is Aquaman 2’s Necrus and who is Mongo?

Aquaman 2 Necrus

Image: Warner Bros.

Necrus is the name of another city of Atlantis, otherwise known as the Black City, that only exists in a location for brief periods of time, and never in the same location twice — which in the comics is caused by an alien satellite shifting it through dimensional rifts. It is militaristic, brutal, and violently opposes the surface dwellers, even going to war with Atlantis after Aquaman refuses to support Necrus’ tyrant ruler Mongo — who may be the main villain of Aquaman 2.

James Wan confirmed that Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, as Aquaman 2 is now officially known, begun filming yesterday on Instagram. The director also called attention to the working title of the movie as Necrus, which was spotted a couple of months ago, but this is the first time it’s been seen following the official title reveal. The icy location suggests that Necrus may be in the Arctic or Antarctic, if the movie isn’t going with the dimensional rift idea.

Necrus and Mongo are surprisingly deep cuts from Aquaman comics, given that they haven’t been seen in continuity since 1966. Still, Dr. Poison from the Wonder Woman movie was a lesser-known villain from 1942, so there’s no reason James Wan can’t do something similar — especially since “Necrus” is a fantastic name for a creepy underwater city.

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