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Rust: How to demolish walls and doors

Building is a big part of Rust, especially when it comes to keeping your home base safe. Still, it’s possible to make mistakes when placing walls or doors. Thankfully, it’s easy to remove walls and doors you’ve placed yourself — but less so if they were placed by others. Ready to get to work? Here’s how to demolish walls and remove doors in Rust.

How to demolish walls in Rust

How to demolish walls and remove doors in Rust

You can easily demolish your own walls in Rust within ten minutes of being placed. Simply equip the building hammer, right-click the wall, and choose the option to demolish the wall. If 10 minutes has already passed, you’ll instead have to destroy the wall entirely.

In other words, it’s best to finalize your construction plans before building a wall. You’ll have a ten minute grace period after placing a wall before it becomes a “set” structure. After that period is up, walls can only be removed by burning them, picking through them, or blowing them up.

Twig walls can be destroyed with basic weapons. Wooden walls typically require fire to bring down, ideally with the Flamethrower or Incendiary Rocket. For the metal or armored walls, you’ll have to use explosives such as satchels or grenades.

How to remove doors

To remove doors you’ve placed in Rust, first hover your cursor over the lock. From there, hold the E key and choose the unlock option. After that, press and hold E over the lock, then choose the option to remove the lock. Finally, open the door, press and hold E one more time, then choose the option to pick up the door. This will allow you to remove the door and place it in a different location or orientation.

It may sound complicated, but it isn’t difficult. To recap, here’s a brief rundown of the steps required to remove a door in Rust:

  1. Unlock the door’s lock
  2. Remove the lock
  3. Open the door
  4. Remove the door
  5. (optional) Replace the door

Of course, this process only works to remove doors you’ve placed yourself. If you intend to remove a door on another structure, you’ll have to demolish the door using tools, weapons, or explosives.

That’s how to demolish walls and doors in Rust. If you’re still trying to learn the ropes, check out our guide detailing how to change race and gender. We’ve also got tips on the best PC settings for visibility and frame rate.