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Rust | How to change gender and race

Players dropping into Rust for the first time are in for a bit of a surprise. As opposed to the usual character customization screen found when starting open-world games, Rust instead assigns a random character. But what if you don’t like your character? Is there a way to change your gender or race?

How to change gender and race in Rust

How to change gender and race in Rust

Rust does not have any options to change your character’s gender or race. The game is set up to generate characters randomly based on the user’s account ID. The only real way to change your gender in Rust is to play under another account with a completely different character.

Needless to say, many players aren’t fond of their pre-set characters. Originally, all in-game characters were the same bald white male. Later, developer Gary Newman added in both race and gender. After that came different skin tones and facial features. As a result, some players went from the default character to one with a completely different face and body.

For better or worse, random characters is an intentional design choice. Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Newman said he didn’t want the bulk of the Rust experience being based around character customization. Further, he said that randomization of race and gender has had no affect on choice, since players were previously locked into a single option.

Still, some people would prefer to be able to change their gender or race. Maybe they want to associate more with their character, or perhaps create someone entirely unlike them. Sadly, it’s just not possible without playing under another account or purchasing the game again. The same is true for changing the character’s face or other appearance options.

For now and into the foreseeable future, there is no way to change your gender or race in Rust. All character details are currently linked to a SteamID. It’s assumed that character details will also be tied to an account ID on PS4 or Xbox One whenever those versions finally launch. The only way to get a new character with a different race or gender is to play under a different account.