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How to get food in Rust

Eating is a requirement for survival in the real world, and the same is also true in Rust. Without consuming food, your character will eventually starve and die. That’s a bad thing. Thankfully, there are several ways to get food in Rust, including a few methods that are especially helpful to new players.

How to get food in Rust

Rust: How to get food

There are several different ways to get food in Rust:

  • Forage for vegetables like mushrooms or pumpkins
  • Harvest plants such as corn or cactus
  • Catch trout or minnows using a Fish Trap
  • Hunt animals like wolves or bears for meat
  • Get food from Ration Boxes or Food Crates
  • Kill and eat the flesh of other humans

Exactly how you go about getting food will likely depend on your level of experience with the game. It’s simple to find vegetables like mushrooms or pumpkins in the wild, and eating them will certainly help you survive. However, more advanced methods of finding food, like hunting, will usually give you better results.

For instance, foraged mushrooms will restore 15 Hunger, while cooked chicken will restore 40. Corn restores 40 hunger, but cooked wolf meat restores 60. In most instances, food acquired through hunting (and properly cooked over a campfire) will nourish more than foraged edibles. The catch is that most meats can be burned if cooked for too long, which will actually lower your health. Meats can even spoil if stored improperly or for too long, and eating spoiled food can outright poison you.

Otherwise, you’ll still be able to find Food Crates and Ration Boxes throughout the world. These containers offer a random variety of different foods, from chocolate and pickles to blackberries and granola bars. Just remember not to let any organic produce spoil after opening the crate, as spoiled food will make you sick.

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