Is Nintendo Switch Pro (OLED model) 4K?

The new Nintendo Switch Pro (OLED model) has been announced in a sudden reveal trailer. After no mention of the new console during its E3 show, many had given up on Nintendo announcing a new console for this year. Happily, for fans awaiting a new system, the Nintendo Switch OLED has now been revealed. However, is it 4K?

Is the Nintendo Switch OLED 4K?

Nintendo Switch OLED 4K

No, the Nintendo Switch OLED is not 4K.

The initial reveal of the Nintendo Switch OLED showed that while the screen has been made bigger and is using OLED technology, the resolution is still 720p. This technically means fewer pixels per inch, making it very slightly less sharp when compared to the Nintendo Switch standard, and even less sharp than the Nintendo Switch Lite.

However, the increase in screen size has the added benefit of also shrinking the bezels. What’s more, the OLED tech will offer a much better viewing experience for games, video, and other media that are consumed in the portable mode. In docked mode, however, the experience appears to be the same as the regular Nintendo Switch.

Like with the standard Nintendo Switch, the output resolution to a TV is still 1080p. There’s no 4K mode here. In handheld, it might look better on the OLED, but the sharpness will the same (or slightly) worse at 720p on a 7-inch display.

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