Mysterious Apex Legends ‘Parking’ pads have appeared on Olympus

Following the recent update, mysterious “Parking” pads have appeared in Apex Legends. The Olympus map has several of them placed around named places. This is the only map with vehicles, so perhaps it’s a tease of another mode of transport or a hint at an upcoming character? Here’s the need-to-know info on this new season 9 mystery.

What are the “Parking” pads in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Parking Pads

The Apex Legends “Parking” pads hint at future content coming to the game. There’s potential for a new vehicle, one that perhaps seats only one character for Solo play.

It’s worth noting how developer Respawn Entertainment has a knack for including small teases at upcoming modes and/or characters, so this could be the first nod towards an upcoming game type or Legend.

The obscure “Parking” text doesn’t give too much away. Even with the leaked info and work done by data miners, this teaser doesn’t make much sense.

As with other map mysteries, players usually don’t have to wait long before everything is revealed. Expect to learn what exactly the “Parking” pads mean in an update soon.

Twitter user @shrugtal captured an image of the “Parking” pad:

They promise to discuss the pads in a future video. Perhaps Shrugtal knows more information, as they have built a reputation on accurate leaks in the past.

This post will be updated with new information, as and when more info is revealed.

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