Apex Legends Bangalore Edition turns the soldier into a superhero

The latest Apex Legends character to get their own edition is Anita “Bangalore” Williams. Players that purchase Apex Legends Bangalore Edition will be able to transform the professional soldier into a futuristic superhero. It’s all thanks to the exclusive “Super Soldier” Bangalore skin, which comes accompanied by some complimentary cosmetics.

What’s in Apex Legends Bangalore Edition?

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition contains the following items:

  • Super Soldier — Bangalore skin
  • Trusty Sidekick — G7 Scout weapon skin
  • Mark of a Hero — Weapon charm
  • Bangalore Super Soldier badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins
  • Apex Legends game

Although Apex Legends’ upcoming Bangalore Edition is almost certainly coming soon, it’s not yet official. Data-miners are leaking details online, but it’s important to note that there isn’t an actual Apex Legends Bangalore Edition release date yet. It’s at least possible to speculate on the price point, though, which is likely to be $20 based on past precedent.

Is Apex Legends Bangalore Edition worth it?

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition

Apex Legends Bangalore Edition is definitely worth it for users that enjoy playing the character. The bundle includes exclusive Legendary Bangalore cosmetics and 1,000 Apex Coins for just $20. It’d cost somewhere in the region of $50+ to purchase everything separately via the in-game store.

Banglore fans have been waiting a long while for the character to get a dedicated edition. Anita Williams is one of the original Legends, though latecomer Octane got the treatment well before her. Mirage got his very own version just last month, which turns the trickster into a sort of future cowboy.

In other Apex news, according to developer Respawn Entertainment, the most recent patch gives Watson a “major buff.” In reality, however, it’s not what players were expecting.

Elsewhere in video games, Bloober Team could be making a new Silent Hill title. Despite wanting an all-new entry in the franchise for a number of years now, some fans aren’t too happy about the potential revelation.