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Pokemon Go Friend Codes List July 2021

Pokemon Go is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, with a special event focused on the franchise’s iconic starter Pokemon. It’s brought the once-stratospheric game back into the public eye. This means trainers are looking for friends to recruit and trade with. Read on for our Pokemon Go Friends Codes List for July 2021, as well as some tips on how to find friends on Twitter.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List for July 2021

Pokemon Go

If you’re looking for friends on Pokemon Go, look no further than the GameRevolution team. We’ve got a few friend codes of some of us, that you can add below:

  • 7019 2299 1976
  • 2743 5127 0347

We’ll be there to trade, swap gifts – and maybe even participate in the elusive Deoxys raids currently ongoing. Of course, if you need more than just these codes to complete some research tasks, there are other tricks to get Friend Codes too.

Many budding trainers shares their codes on social media, to get the friends they might need to complete tasks. If you don’t feel like sharing yours, but want to look for some yourself, there’s some handy phrases you can search on Twitter to find a deluge of prospective friends.

Typing in “Let’s be friends in Pokemon Go” will pull up a veritable swamp of Friend Codes. It’s the automatic phrasing the app uses when you want to share your code, so there’s constantly new people using this phrase to publicise their account.

If you’ve done these tricks but still want a few more friends, perhaps locally, then Facebook is your next port of call. Most big cities or towns will have a grassroots Pokemon Go group, where people swap codes, organise raids, or share details on where to find a Dratini. With raids so frequent at the moment, people are constantly posting codes so they can be invited to a battle – so heading there is another good move.

Once you’ve got these friends, you’ll want to gear up for July 2021’s Spotlight Hours, which you can find details of here. You probably won’t be happy about Niantic’s recent changes to the game, which removed the pandemic-induced bonuses.