Higurashi Sotsu episode count: How many will there be?

Higurashi Sotsu is finally airing, and we’re getting some answers to all the questions left over from Higurashi Gou. Of course, the plot could go anywhere right now, so fans wonder how many episodes Higurashi Sotsu will have to resolve things. Fortunately, we have an idea of what Higurashi Sotsu’s episode count will be, and we’ll discuss it below.

How many episodes will Higurashi Sotsu have?

Higurashi Sotsu will likely have 15 episodes. This is an unusual amount for an anime (which usually have 13 or 26 these days). Still, it’s the number of episodes slated for a Blu-Ray release later this year on the official site.

More episodes of Higurashi Sotsu may be coming, and this is just the first cour. There’s also a chance that another season of Higurashi may be coming after these Answer Arcs. Some fans also think that Sotsu may be leading into a new (and hopefully finally complete) Umineko anime.

Higurashi Gou ended up running for 24 episodes, but fans didn’t know the final count until around halfway through airing (or that a second season was coming). 07th Expansion is almost undoubtedly aware that fans are watching the website to get an episode count. The group might obscure the numbers on purpose.

While 15 episodes might be enough to wrap things up, the current situation is complex enough that it’s going to be challenging to do so with satisfaction. Suppose the show follows the same format as the original Higurashi. In that case, we’ll get four answer arcs to cover the four question arcs from Gou, leaving sparse room for a finale.

However, it may be possible that, like with Gou, Sotsu will go off the rails at some point. Given the twists we’ve seen, we may get an answer arc or two, only to have a surprise change in direction. Rika will almost certainly come into direct contention with Satoko. The answer arcs might be interrupted by Rika becoming aware of Satoko’s plot to manipulate her into staying in Hinamizawa.