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Genshin Impact Banner schedule 2021

There aren’t many RPGs deeper than Genshin Impact, and the Banner system is a perfect example of that. They function in a similar way to loot boxes, where you purchase with a chance of unlocking exclusive characters and weapons. Following today’s preview stream, it’s left many fans wonder what the Genshin Impact Banner schedule 2021 is.

Who is the next Genshin Impact Banner after Kazuha? 

Genshin Impact Banner schedule

The next Genshin Impact Banner character after Kazuha is going to be Ayaka, followed by Yoimiya.

In that second phase, there will also be an increased chance of getting Sayu in Banners.

Each Banner event contains four characters: one five-star, ultra-rare character, and three common three-star characters. The current roster is Kazuha as the five-star character, and then Bennet, Razor, and Rosaria. Banners tend to swap every three weeks. Therefore, we can expect Ayaka towards the end of July, and Yoimiya in the middle of August. Sadly, we don’t yet know what three-star characters will join them when they release.

Of course, this information isn’t yet official, as the Genshin Impact Banner schedule was revealed by the data miner Lumie. Until developer miHoYo officially confirms the Banners, then it’s worth approaching them with caution. Lumie stresses on Twitter that the order of characters releasing might still change, so they recommend waiting before banking all your hopes on getting the characters at the time suggested by the leaks.

The reveal of the new Banners is an exciting development in Genshin Impact, a game that keeps on growing. Initially released in late 2020, the game started slow, with security issues releasing players’ personal data, and complaints about the game’s controversial characters. Today’s live stream allayed fears by announcing a raft of new features. From PlayStation cross-save functionality to a new weapon Banner system, now is an exciting time to play Genshin Impact.

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