Will there be a PS5 Pro Controller?

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller represents a big change for Sony. The PlayStation team relied on the old DualShock design for decades — entire generations — before introducing a major overhaul with the PS5. Still, the DualSense doesn’t do everything the modern gamer wants. Specifically, it’s missing rear buttons, custom macros, and other features normally given to “professional” gaming controllers. Does Sony have plans to put those features into a PS5 Pro Controller?

Will Sony make a PS5 Pro Controller?

Will Sony make a PS5 Pro Controller?

Sony hasn’t mentioned any plans to make a PS5 Pro Controller. The company has never made one before, so there’s no reason to think it will now. However, it’s possible that Sony could release a PS5 DualSense controller or accessory with “pro” features sometime in the future.

First things first: Sony doesn’t usually release controller revisions without new hardware. The original DualShock and its PS2 and PS3 brethren only received minor tweaks through the generations. And even then, changes were only made when new consoles were being released. The DualSense 4 marked the first revision with any significant changes, but aside from getting a back button accessory, it hasn’t really been upgraded since the PS4 came out.

In other words, Sony doesn’t do Pro Controllers — or at least not yet. After all, the DualShock 4 Back Button attachment proved that Sony is finally willing to think about more pro-gamer features. Given that back buttons are the biggest “pro” feature missing from the DualSense, it’s possible a new PS5 controller back button attachment may surface eventually.

Still, don’t hold your breath for a first-party PS5 Pro Controller. Microsoft is the only major console manufacturer to release its own Pro Controller, all misleading naming conventions with the Switch Pro controller aside. Sony previously went so far as to leave PS4 Pro Controller offerings in the hands of Razer and Nacon. Those gamepads still work with the PS5, but they don’t have full compatibility with all PS5 games.