Should I buy Nvidia or AMD stock?

The video games industry is booming, plus PlayStation and Xbox are starting to share their toys with PC. As a result, a lot of investors are looking to invest in a GPU manufacturer like Nvidia, AMD, or Intel. Intel is the weakest contender, so let’s focus on Nvidia vs AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) here. So, is it best to buy Nvidia or AMD stock as a portfolio investment? Here’s the latest on the market for both companies’ shares via the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Nvidia vs AMD: Which stock is a better investment?

Nvidia currently dominates the PC graphics hardware marketplace, with around an 80% market share. As a result, Nvidia stock is worth more than nine times that of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Although this might look bleak for AMD, the GPU manufacturer is enjoying persistent growth. AMD’s share price is up almost 70% over the last year and currently sits at $91, making it much more affordable than Nvidia for average investors.

The barrier to entry is much higher with Nvidia, thanks to its $815 share price. That said, the company is experiencing an even higher level of success right now. Nvidia is up more than 100% over the last 12-month period, no doubt to the delight of its existing backers.

Whether or not to invest is solely up to the individual putting their money on the line. Additionally, past success isn’t a concrete indicator that stock price will continue climbing well into the future. However, both companies outwardly appear to be in a healthy position — the value of an initial outlay is perhaps the biggest defining factor between the two.

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