New Animaze update makes becoming a VTuber easier than ever

Animaze is the free successor to FaceRig, allowing users to become 2D and 3D avatars using only a webcam. As of today, the new Animaze update grants free subscription tier users access to more advanced features. These include audio lip-syncing and the iPhone Bride feature, with more to come at a later date. As a result, for better or worse, it’s now easier than ever to become a VTuber anime girl on platforms like Twitch, Discord, Zoom, Skype, and more.

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new Animaze update

Animaze is arguably the easiest way to become a 2D or 3D avatar using a webcam or iPhone (iOS) device. The free software is available on PC via Steam, and also on mobile via the Apple App Store.

Following the most recent Animaze update, users’ avatars will lip-sync by picking up on spoken audio. Previously, this was a premium tier reward exclusive to paying customers. Future Animaze patch notes promise to include further improvements, including additional tracking technologies like Leap Motion hand tracking.

Hand tracking is a paid feature right now, so, as a means to keep paying customers happy, Animaze is giving them free cosmetics. Users that subscribe to either of the paid tiers now have access to all original Animaze avatars, backgrounds, props, and emotes as standard. Formerly, these would require a premium currency to unlock — said currency is now reserved exclusively for voice skins.

The Animaze software isn’t just for content creators and VTubers, though. Holotech Studios touts it as a means to overcome on-camera anxiety and for people to express their true selves. Additionally, there’s a range of fantasy skins perfect for role-playing an online Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

For anyone seeking fortune and fame, however, utilizing Animaze to become an anime VTuber is probably the way to go. Many VTubers have an incredibly devoted fans base, though, with this being the internet, there’s also a good chance of courting controversy.