Vtuber Roboco’s new outfit leaves fans impressed

Popular Vtuber Roboco unveiled a new virtual outfit today, and the reception from her legions of fans is positive. The new costume debuted on an hour-long YouTube livestream, which has already garnered over 240,000 views. What’s more, excitement surrounding the new outfit caused “#ロボ子さん新衣装” and “#ロボ子さん新衣装予想” (“Roboco’s new costume”) to trend on Twitter. This is yet more proof of the astounding popularity of Virtual YouTubers, and the trendiness of this growing genre.

What is Roboco’s new outfit?


The new outfit was first seen in the livestream on Friday 4 June. The stream opened with Roboco in her traditional outfit: a red kimono, grey leggings, and bunny ears. The Vtuber first emerged on the scene in 2018, uploading her first video in March of that year. From then, she has garnered over 650,000 subscribers and joined the coveted Vtuber agency Hololive whose members have a total 40 million subscribers. Her original kimono getup first appeared in 2020, but in late May of this year, Roboco teased a new outfit.

In a dramatic reveal sequence, the stream showed off Roboco’s new costume in full. She now wears a flowing black dress with red flecks, pastel-colored roses, purple-highlighted hair, and sharp red nails. She spends the rest of the stream showing off the new outfit in its glory, leaving fans very satisfied. Reaction on Twitter has been particularly positive:

Roboco’s first costume was a pink hoodie, which became synonymous with her appearance before the kimono debuted on New Year’s Day of 2020. Fans are comparing her new costume to a dark wedding dress, with others saying she’s the new final boss of the Virtual YouTube scene.

For a community focused on pleasing fans, Roboco is doing exactly that with her new costume. Perhaps the wedding dress theme will lead to a marriage-style stream event in the future? We’ll only find out over time – and through more wildly popular live streams.

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