Nintendo asks if players want a $50 WarioWare game

It’s been a long time since there’s been any news on the series, but Nintendo may finally be teasing a WarioWare Switch game. The most recent game in the minigame compilation franchise was WarioWare Gold on 3DS back in 2018, and fans are long overdue for a new WarioWare game. That WarioWare Nintendo Switch game may be coming sooner than expected, as the publisher sent out a survey asking exactly how much fans would pay for a new release.

What is the WarioWare Switch tease in the Nintendo survey?

WarioWare Switch

Nintendo of America teased a potential new WarioWare in a recent survey sent out to fans, which was caught by Andrew of YouTube channel Beta64 on Twitter. The survey asks how interested people are in “the next game in the WarioWare series” at a price point of $49.99, which is the same price point as the recently released Miitopia. If they didn’t know what WarioWare is, there’s also a brief explanation.

Interestingly enough though, the survey isn’t the same for everyone. People have shared screenshots where the question asks anything from as low as $29.99 to a full-price game at $59.99. Nintendo clearly wants to gauge fan interest in the WarioWare series in particular, as user @Pwhales3 on Twitter shared another question from the survey where WarioWare was on a list of games that Nintendo wanted to know if people were aware of. They also got $59.99 on the other question.

Three years after the last game in the series, it seems entirely possible that Nintendo is gearing up for a reveal of a new WarioWare game at E3 2021 this month. The publisher is holding its special E3 Nintendo Direct on June 15, and here’s how you can watch it. Other than WarioWare, rumors suggest that Final Fantasy and Pokemon musou games may be revealed there, probably thanks to Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s success with the Hyrule Warriors games.