PS5 internal storage update release date: When can I install an internal SSD?

Now the PlayStation 5 has been out for well over six months, gamers are starting to fill up hard drive space. The base unit has a respectable 825 GB of storage capacity, but as games continue increasing in size, sometimes you’ll need more room. This is where upgradable SSDs come in, letting you swap out the hard drive for something more substantial. Read on to see when you’ll be able to install your own SSD into the PS5 console.

When can I install an internal SSD into my PS5?


Currently, Sony haven’t announced when you’ll be able to install your own internal hard drive into your PS5. It’s a feature they promised for on PS5 at some point in the future. That said, we don’t have any concrete idea when it’ll release.

Currently, the best you can do is to use an external USB hard drive to add storage to your console. In April’s system software update, Sony added the ability to download PS5 games onto external storage, but with a catch. You can’t play PS5 games directly off a hard drive – instead, you have to copy them from the drive to your console. It’s a pretty big annoyance if you want to dive into a game without waiting for it to transfer beforehand. Luckily, you can play PS4 games straight off of external hard drives. Therefore, your best bet is to store all your PlayStation 5 games on the console, and all PS4 games on an external drive.

With the notes attached to this system software update, Sony again reiterated that “the PS5 console will support storage expansion via M.2 drives in the future.” We’ve not heard anything since then, though. It suggests the internal storage update release date isn’t coming soon, and that we may have to wait a while before we can upgrade the 825 SSD.