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Apex Legends Rules: What is rule 24, 32, 33, 34, and more?

Apex Legends has a lot of player-imposed regulations relating to an old list of alleged internet rules. These Apex Legends rules most notably include 24, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 63 — but what do they all mean? Wonder no longer, as here’s the need-to-know info regarding the unofficial online multiplayer ruleset.

All Apex Legends rules list

Apex Legends rules list

Here’s an explainer on all of the major Apex Legends rules:

Apex Legends rule 24 explained

Every player has the right to intervene in Apex Legends, meaning that ambushes and joining a firefight late to wipe multiple squads are fair game. Don’t be salty if this happens, and feel free to use the tactic during gameplay.

Apex Legends rule 32 explained

Rule 32 dictates that players must have gameplay footage and/or screenshots to back up any claim of impressive gameplay feats. If they can’t provide pictures, it didn’t happen.

Apex Legends rule 33 explained

Apex Legends rule 33 states that players should more often than not keep their mic muted or avoid typing in the in-game chat. Essentially, think before blurting out any unconsidered comments.

Apex Legends rule 34 explained

This is perhaps the most famous rule, dictating that there’s fan-made Apex Legends adult content circulating online.

Apex Legends rule 35 explained

The 35th Apex Legends rule is that if rule 34 doesn’t apply, it will in the future.

Apex Legends rule 63 explained

Apex Legends’ 63rd rule is that there are gender-swap versions of all the playable characters online. For example, the rule indicates that fans have created art depicting a female Gibraltar and a male Lifeline.

Now that the main Apex Legends rules are clear, hopefully, there’s less confusion amongst members of the battle royale game’s community.

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