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Is Pokemon Unite free to play on Switch, iOS, and Android?

Is Pokemon Unite free to play or is there a cost? The Pokemon Unite release date has been revealed as July 21 for Switch, just next week, and fans are undeniably looking forward to the next Pokemon game. However, will Pokemon Unite be free? If not, what is the Pokemon Unite price or cost? Will Pokemon Unite Switch be free or is it only free on iOS and Android? Will there be Pokemon Unite microtransactions instead? Here’s the answer.

Will Pokemon Unite be free or is there a price?

Pokemon Unite free

Yes, Pokemon Unite is free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android.

Like Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite will be free to play on all platforms — that’s both Nintendo Switch and iOS or Android mobile devices. Players on Switch can download the game entirely for free on July 21 and start playing immediately. Fans planning on playing Pokemon Unite on iOS or Android will have to wait until September, as that’s when the mobile version launches, but it will equally be free to play.

However, while there will be no upfront cost or price unlike New Pokemon Snap or the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus, there will be microtransactions instead, similar to Pokemon Go. Between battles, any players can spend Aeos coins or Aeos tickets earned to claim new items, unlock new Pokemon, or customize their own Pokemon Trainer character. However, Aeos gems can also be bought with real-world money to speed up the process or get unique skins/costumes for Pokemon or Trainers.

No word yet on how much gems will cost, however, or whether there will be any difference in price between the Switch and mobile versions — although given that there’s cross-progression between all versions, presumably there won’t be any price difference. Elsewhere in the world of free-to-play Pokemon games, players of Pokemon Go are using a “joystick hack” to move without actually walking, although many are upset at Niantic’s plans to roll back many improvements implemented during the pandemic.