What are New World faction benefits?

New World is the much-anticipated MMORPG from Amazon Games. With a release date in late August, anticipation for the tech giant’s latest leap into the games industry. The game focuses on three main factions, with each vying to colonize the 17th-century America setting. We’ve got the lowdown on the New World faction benefits, and which factions are available in the game.

What are the benefits of New World factions?

New World faction benefits

In New World, there are three main factions: the Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Covenant. While each has a different visual armor design, guild and background story, there are no gameplay benefits to picking one faction over the other.

The first faction is the Marauders. They’re the main military unit in New World, and as such, boast an impressive amount of firepower. Their motivation for colonizing the American landscape is to ensure the freedom of all its inhabitants. If liberty sounds appealing to you, then the Marauders might be worth joining.

Second is the ominous-sounding Syndicate, who lurk in the shadows and stay out of sight. Their goal is equally honorable, as they fight to uncover hidden information about this new land that the higher-ups are concealing. Despite their mission, though, there aren’t any stealth-based benefits from joining up with the Syndicate faction.

The last New World faction is the Covenant, they’re the game’s answer to Robin Hood. They want to help free the lower-class inhabitants, and to liberate those still oppressed in the new colonial landscape of the game. Other than this, though, there’s not much information on the Covenant’s role.

Sadly, your choice of faction will only impact the aesthetic of your character, and the guild you can join – which is the group of fellow players on your side. It’s likely that developer Amazon Games Orange County will add more functionality and variety to the factions in the future. As of right now, though, there aren’t many New World faction benefits.

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