New World Closed Beta Wipe: Will I lose my progress?

New World‘s closed beta has gone live today, allowing players into the world of Aeternum early to establish roots. The MMO is currently thriving on Twitch as popular streamers check out what Amazon Games have put together. It’s not clear yet exactly how long that interest will last, but things look exciting for the young game. However, those in the New World closed beta are wondering if their progress will be wiped with the full release.

Will you keep your progress once New World launches?

New World beta key

Players are currently getting ready to put a ton of time into New World. As with any MMO, there are hours and hours of content to find here. Some may even be hoping to get a good leg up on the rest of the player base by getting access to the closed beta and having an established position in the game.

Sadly though, that effort will be in vain. Amazon Games has confirmed that the title will see a server wipe and all characters and progress will be reset when New World launches. The closed beta is currently set to run until August 3rd. After the beta, player progress will be deleted so new changes can be implemented. The full game will then launch on August 31, where everyone will start from the same point.

That being said, anyone with access to the beta will have until August 3rd to learn about the game and see if it is for them. There is a lot to see and do, and you have another two weeks to play. It’s just wise to keep in mind that nothing you do now will remain.

If you are planning on getting involved, here is how you can get invited to New World’s closed beta.

New World is set to launch on August 31st on PC.