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What are Apex Legends’ Seer’s class and abilities?

Apex Legends is getting ready to welcome its latest Legend, Seer. Season 10 is subtitled Emergence and it’s set to release on August 3 on all platforms. Seer will become the 9th character added since launch. Thanks to the EA Play presentation today, we now have a good idea about how his kit will work too. If you like to know where enemies are at all times, he’s the guy for you.

What are Seer’s abilities?

While exact details haven’t been shared just yet, an outline for his three abilities has been. During the EA Play presentation, game director Chad Grenier gave a summary of all of them. The character is all about tracking other players using automated drones and sensors to root out their location. Grenier explained that Seer’s passive ability gives him a heartbeat sensor when aiming down sights. Although, it was explained as giving “hints” to enemy locations, so how accurate it isn’t clear.

The activatable Tactical ability sees him send out drones which are all about tracking and revealing enemies. From how it is described, this seems akin to Bloodhound’s passive ability that allows them to see footprints and timestamps of various activities. However, since Seer’s ability is his Tactical, it’s likely his tracking will be quite a bit more precise.

His ultimate is about information but also area denial. It was described as Seer sending out hundreds of drones that form a sphere. Anyone who moves through the ball will become revealed and remain tracked. If placed in a chokepoint, players may be forced to find an alternate route or make the unsavoury choice of revealing themselves.

While there has been no in-game footage of these abilities just yet, nor details like their names or values, it was said by Grenier that we would get all that in a trailer releasing on Monday. It was additionally revealed that Seer is a Recon class Legend. This will make him the fifth Recon character in the game, alongside the aforementioned Bloodhound, Crypto, Pathfinder and Valkyrie.

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