Will I get a Dead Space remake free upgrade if I own the original?

EA has just announced that Dead Space will be making a return in fresh high-tech fashion. The harrowing exploits of Isaac Clarke aboard the USG Ishimura is being given the remake treatment, reworking the horror for a new generation. But what about players who still own the previous version? Will EA offer the Dead Space remake as a free upgrade to those who own the original?

Will there be a Dead Space remake free upgrade?

Will there be a Dead Space remake free upgrade?

The Dead Space remake probably won’t be given away as a free upgrade to owners of the original game. EA hasn’t actually said if there’s a free upgrade or not, but chances are there won’t be. However, it’s possible than those who own the original may get some kind of discount on the new version.

By all accounts, it seems EA is following the path that Capcom paved by remaking Resident Evil games. Like that series, Dead Space is a once-hot property that’s since lost much of its fire. But the core action is just as fun today as it was when the game first launched back in 2008. With a few modern touches, developer Motive Studios can reintroduce the experience to a wider audience, complete with current-generation bells and whistles.

The catch, of course, is that all that work takes time and money. And it wouldn’t make much sense for EA to give away the new game for free, even if it’s mostly bought by loyal series fans.

In other words, a free upgrade from the original Dead Space to the Dead Space remake is unlikely. However, it’s possible Electronic Arts may discount the game for owners of the original. We say this because buyers of  Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Steam were given a slight discount for having previously owned Mass Effect 3. That’s not to say that same case will apply here, but it’s possible.

Don’t hold your breath for a free upgrade to the Dead Space remake. Even if you own the original, you’ll likely have to pay for the new version. With luck, we may see some sort of loyalty discount for owners of the previous version, but until we hear otherwise, it’s wise to assume we’ll have to pay the full price.