Box art - Mad Max

Mad Max [GUIDE] MAIN STORY #11: Immortal Enemy (VIDEO)


Harpoon: Level 4+

Thunderpoon: Level 2+

Tires: Level 5 (See Screenshot Below for Location)


While speed is important as the lead car you have to destroy is very fast, defense is important too. No matter how many buzzards you take out during the race more will continue to spawn. If you get dangerously damaged make sure to go through two of the race tracks healing turn offs, indicated by car wash like apparatuses. The Main goal is to destroy the lead car so come out quick and attack it as soon as possible. 

(MIDBOSS FIGHT) During the following battle make sure to dodge until you see the melee indicator. Engaging the enemy without an indicator can be riskjy as a strong melee attack can interupt any of your offensive moves. 

(SCROTUS #1) Fend off as many war boys as possible while dodging around the area. When you see Scrotus about to Charge try to lure him toward a group of barrels to do ultimate damage. If you can find a melee weapon that can do signifcant damage as well. 

(SCROTUS #2) Dodge as much as possible and attack after he has executed a strong attack.