what if episode 7 spoilers
Credit: Marvel Studios

What If? Episode 7 Spoilers: Which characters are in the next episode?

What If? episode 7 will soon be on Disney Plus, but for those who are too impatient or eager to learn what happens next, there are already some leaked spoilers swirling around the internet. Those who read on should be prepared for What If? episode 7 spoilers. If that’s cool, read on!

What If? Episode 7 Spoilers: Who is the next character?

what if episode 7 spoilers
Credit: Marvel Studios

What If? episode 7 will focus on Thor.

Trailers point towards “Party Thor” landing in Las Vegas and battling enemy robots. Rumors suggest that this version of Thor will be a keen partygoer, with his partying potentially spelling the end of the world. Yes, he apparently parties that hard.

While there aren’t any images linked to episode 7 on the official Disney website, which is where other spoilers have stemmed from, this post on Reddit by user Dow366 has been very accurate so far.

While the episode number is mixed up, potentially meaning Disney shook things up at the last moment, Dow366 suggests that “Party Thor lands in Las Vegas” and that his partying becomes “world ending.”

What If? Episode 7 Spoilers: What happens next?

what if episode 7 spoilers
Credit: Marvel Studios

In What If? episode 7, Thor lands in Las Vegas and parties so hard that the planet faces destruction.

As Party Thor is seen teaming up with other characters from previous episodes, it’s likely that he will stop partying before it’s too late. Captain Carter is spotted talking to the evil version of Doctor Strange, so perhaps she will also intervene with Party Thor.

In other Marvel news, a Wolverine game has been announced and it’s being developed by Insomniac Games. Here are the comics that it could be based on.

Insomniac Games is also busy working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, despite there being two Spider-Man characters in the trailer, the new game will not support co-op play.

The Hawkeye Disney Plus trailer is now live, giving fans a tease of what’s to come. What’s more, it also features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Black Widow’s Yelena.

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