Box art - Trivia Crack Kingdoms

Trivia Crack Kingdoms Game Challenges

Guide (Test Tube, Globe and Paint Brush): you will just have to answer one question correctly and the game will point out two boxes. Of these two boxes, one hides the king. In case you failed to tap on the right box and then answered a question(s) wrong, make a mental note of the other box’s location.

Double: You must answer two questions correctly to continue playing. If you fail to answer one of them, it will be your opponent’s turn.

Pirate: You will have to answer three questions to receive a pirate’s treasure containing coins. You will also get bonus coins for each question answered correctly, plus the treasure in the end if you answer all 3 questions in a row correctly.

Expert: Questions are pretty tougher than others and may require players to Google the question to get the right answer.

Queen of Time: Getting this challenge will trigger a 30 second timer and within these 30 seconds you will have to answer 5 questions correctly to get a Crown.

Ninja: Ninja will strike off two wrong answers, leaving behind two choices; one of these two choices is the correct answer.

2 of 3: Once you get this challenge, you will have to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly.

Vampire: You will need to answer 3 questions correctly to get a crown.