Box art - Monster Castle

Monster Castle iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Build your buildings close together, and work from the top down.
  • Place your throne room as close to the top as possible so that it takes longer for attackers to reach it.
  • Look for other players who have left giant loopholes open next to their throne rooms attack and destroy it, because when the throne room is destroyed, the entire base is destroyed.
  • You begin the game with two builders/workers. Earn 600 gems, purchase another Worker’s Quarters and you will permanently be able to build three things at a time.
  • Keep in mind every time that you upgrade your throne room, your castle will expand. So, once it does, you will need to move your rooms in order to make your castle safe from other players.
  • Again, move everything up close to the top, and keep your defensive guns spread out so that they target as much range as possible.
  • good tactic is to place a spike strip right in front of a room, so that enemy characters get stuck standing on it and attacking while it drains their life.
  • When attacking you’ll need to use different monsters depending on what kind of defenses your opponent is using. Heavy emphasis on the cannons means that a few really strong characters such as the witches will do the job. Bears are great for absorbing damage so that your Orcs and Gnolls can do their work.