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Stardew Valley The Best and Worst Gifts To Give To Villagers

One of the commonly shared goals of players in Stardew Valley is to get married and make friends. In order to accomplish this, it is required that players not only gift items to the villagers, but learn what items they love being gifted.

There are several dozen villagers in Stardew Valley, and by far the most important ones are the 10 that you can romance. In this guide we will go over the likes and dislikes of each of these 10 marriage-able individuals, beginning with global likes and dislikes that everyone shares an opinion of.

For help locating every villager, check out our guide.

Global Items

Global Loves: Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot

Global Likes: Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Coffee, Orange, Maple Syrup, Peach, Pomegranate

Global Neutral: Bread, Fried Egg, Hops, Wheat

Global Dislikes: Cave Carrot, Driftwood, Geode, Oak Resin, Oil, Pine Tar, Rice, Vinegar, Wheat

Global Hates: Bat Wing, Carp, Hay, Ore, Poppy, Sap, Seaweed, Snail, Weeds


Birthday: Fall 13th

Loves: Amethyst, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Spicy Eel

Likes: Clam, Crocus, Honey, Maple Syrup, Mayonnaise, Quartz, Salad, Sweet Pea, Topaz, Tulip

Dislikes: Eggs, Fruit, Sugar, Vegetables, Wheat Flour, Wild Horseradish

Hates: Clay, Joja Cola, Slime, Stone


Birthday: Summer 13th

Loves: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner

Likes: Coral, Eggs, Pizza, Spaghetti

Dislikes: Clay, Salmonberry, Wild Horseradish

Hates: Poppy, Quartz, Stone

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Birthday: Fall 5th

Loves: Crab Cakes, Duck Feather, Lobster, Tom Kha Soup

Likes: Amethyst, Beer, Chowder, Fish Stew, Fruit, Wine

Dislikes: Clay, Daffodil, Pizza, Wild Horseradish

Hates: Amaranth, Quartz, Sea Cucumber, Stone


Birthday: Spring 14th

Loves: Coconut, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, Sunflower

Likes: Amethyst, Cookie, Daffodil, Honey, Mayonnaise, Topaz, Tulip

Dislikes: Dandelion, Eggs, Fruit, Joja Cola, Milk, Quartz

Hates: Clay, Fish, Stone, Wild Horseradish


Birthday: Winter 14th

Loves: Coffee, Lobster Bisque, Pickles, Truffle Oil, Wine

Likes: Daffodil, Duck Egg, Duck Feather, Goat Milk, Grape, Parsnip, Potato, Red Mushroom

Dislikes: Clay, Green Algae, Hay, Sap, Stone

Hates: Coral, Nautilus Shell, Salmonberry, Sea Urchin, Spice Berry, Sugar

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Birthday: Winter 23rd

Loves: Poppyseed Muffin, Salad, Stir Fry, Wine

Likes: Dandelion, Eggs, Fruit, Milk, Morel

Dislikes: Cave Carrot, Clay, Seaweed, Stone

Hates: Bread, Pizza, Poppy


Birthday: Summer 10th

Loves: Battery Pack, Cheese Cauliflower, Diamond, Gold Bar, Strawberry

Likes: Amethyst, Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Quartz, Sweet Pea

Dislikes: Clay, Fish, Soapstone

Hates: Honey, Poppy, Stone


Birthday: Fall 2nd

Loves: Diamond, Emerald, Melon, Red Plate, Poppy, Sandfish

Likes: Cheese, Corn, Dandelion, Leek, Milk, Pizza, Tulip

Dislikes: Clay, Fish, Quartz

Hates: Grape, Hops, Stone

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Birthday: Summer 17th

Loves: Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza

Likes: Brown Egg, Ice Cream, Joja Cola

Dislikes: Clay, Daffodil, Hay, Quartz, Seaweed

Hates: Stone, Mayonnaise


Birthday: Winter 10th

Loves: Fire Quartz, Frozen Tear, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi

Likes: Coffee, Cookie, Maki Roll, Pumpkin, Quartz, Salad, Spaghetti

Dislikes: Daffodil, Purple Mushroom

Hates: Clay, Complete Breakfast, Fried Egg, Joja Cola, Omelet, Stone