Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble Hidden Stages – How To Unlock All of Them

Hidden stages are absolutely irritating in Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble, or at least unlocking them is. The game just taunts you with orange levels throughout the map and expects you to figure out how to reach them by completing hidden objectives in stages nearby. And by “figure out,” I mean randomly poking at stuff until something maybe-sorta-kinda happens.

You’re not told which stage matters and which objective you need to match. So that amounts to a lot of poking and a lot of wasted spirit. Having fun yet? So instead, let’s just tell you what you need to do and save you the massive headache.

Below is a list of all 19 hidden stages in the game and what you need to do to unlock them. Note that the sewer levels that unlock after defeating a boss don’t count as hidden stages for the sake of this list. You can also expect that the hidden stage will have a Yo-kai that is several levels higher than the rest of the Yo-kai in the area so expect a hard fight.

Hidden Stage 1 – Stage 9: Clear this stage with Jibanyan

— This should be easier enough considering that you get Jibanyan early on in the game. There is another hidden stage later on that requires you to use Jibanyan’s Soultimate move to finish it, so you’ll want to keep Jibanyan in your back pocket and level it up when you can.

Hidden Stage 2 – Stage 32: Get a combo of 3 or more

— This is easy-breezy.

Hidden Stage 3 – Stage 51: Pop 100 Wib Wobs or less

— Link a lot Wib Wobs together before popping them and you’ll be fine.

Hidden Stage 4 – Stage 55: Clear this 3 times

— If only other hidden stages were this easy to unlock.

Hidden Stage 5 – Stage 62: Finish level with a Soultimate move

— Just make sure you don’t use your Soultimate moves during Fever Time or the objective won’t clear.

Hidden Stage 6 – Stage 81: Get a Wib Wob to size 15 or bigger

— I recommend picking one Wib Wob type and save popping that type until you’ve got 15 lined up.

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Hidden Stage 7 – Stage 90: Create 6 or more bonus balls

— Oh boy, this one is tough. Try going in with a Yo-kai that can enlarge Wib Wobs or abstain from popping a Wib Wob until it’s size 11 or greater.

Hidden Stage 8 – Stage 100: Link 20 or more Wib Wobs

— Like Hidden Stage 5, pick one Wib Wob type and stop yourself from popping those until you have 20 or more of them ready to be linked.

Hidden Stage 9 – Stage 111: Score 12,000 points or more

— Not that hard really. Just passing the stage should do it.

Hidden Stage 10 – Stage 118: Enter Fever Time 3 times or more

— Head into this stage with some healing or stunning Yo-kais to extend the time you have. Remember that you earn more Fever Time energy for linking longer strings of Yo-kai.

Hidden Stage 11 – Stage 123: Finish stage within 90 seconds

— Get those furious fingers out and activate as many Soultimates as you can during Fever Time!

Hidden Stage 12 – Stage 130: Get a combo of 15 or more

— This actually isn’t that hard. Just make quick size-2 or size-3 Wib Wobs one at a time and so long as you do it within 3 seconds, you’ll get a 15 combo easy.

Hidden Stage 13 – Stage 158: Finish level using Jibanyan’s Soultimate move Paws of Fury

— Have you been using Jibanyan? No? Well, do it now!

Hidden Stage 14 – Stage 169: Get a Wib Wob to size 25 or higher

— Use the same technique as before but on a larger scale, saving one particular Wib Wob type until you’ve got about 25 of them ready to be lined up

Hidden Stage 15 – Stage 174: Create 10 or more bonus balls

— Good luck trying to get this done. It’s tough enough trying to get 5 bonus balls from a stage without dying, especially when you get the endgame. You may need to spend Y-Money for another life to get this done. Again, try to get size 11 Wib Wobs; they almost always drop a bonus ball.

Hidden Stage 16 – Stage 182: Score 15,000 points or more

— Not that hard. Thanks for the break, Level 5.

Hidden Stage 17 – Hidden Stage 16: Get a combo of 20 or more

— Again, form and pop size-2 or size-3 Wib Wobs 20 times and you can clear this easy.

Hidden Stage 18 – McKracken Boss: Use a Soultimate move to defeat it

— Beating McKracken is the hard part, not beating with a Soultimate move part.

Hidden Stage 19 – Hidden Stage 18: Defeat this stage 10 times

— Time to grind! Get your best Yo-kai team and go, go, go!