Elden Ring Patches After Volcano Manor Location

Elden Ring Patches Questline: Where Does He Go After Volcano Manor?

The trickster merchant Patches is back in Elden Ring, but his quest seemingly ends after Volcano Manor. After players defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, Patches is one of the NPCs that makes their exodus, leaving players wondering where he’ll turn up next. Fortunately, his next location isn’t a mystery, though tit is a bit out of the way.

Can you meet Patches again after Volcano Manor in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Patches Volcano Manor

After meeting Patches in Murkwater Cave, players can proceed further in Elden Ring and find him in Volcano Manor. He’s pitched in with Tanith and set up shop in the foyer. Once again, he’ll try to trick players. This time he tries to convince them to do his assigned invasion for him by telling them that Tanith asked him to give them a letter. If players complete the job and return, Patches will begrudgingly give them a whip.

Once Rykard is defeated, all the surviving NPCs in Volcano Manor depart, including Patches. In the original version of the game, that was it for his story, but a patch added another meeting with him into the game. After he leaves the manor, he can be found in Shaded Castle in the hallway leading to the boss.

Unfortunately, he’s gotten himself into a sticky situation:

“Ah, oh, you again…

A shame you had to see me like this…

Ohh, I had a bit of a slip-up, that’s all.

I should have stuck to what I know best…

No matter. I know I-I can trust you.

Gullible, yes, but a good soul.

Make certain that Tanith gets this.

Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just… Makes me sick to see her all bent out of shape.

C’mon, Tanith, back on your high horse, where you belong.

You’re able, then?

Then I can rest easy, my friend…”

Patches gives the player a set of Dancer’s Castanets to give to Tanith. Up to update 1.03 this is where his story ended, but players can find him again as of patch 1.04.

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