Elden Ring Patches Questline: Where Does He Go After Shaded Castle?

When players meet Patches at Shaded Castle in Elden Ring, he seems like he’s on his last legs. Some players thought that might be his final resting place, but others wisely knew we hadn’t seen the last of him. Here’s where Patches goes after Shaded Castle:

Where does Patches go after Shaded Castle in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Patches Fight Murkwater Cave

The meeting at Shaded Castle isn’t the last time we see Patches. After leaving Shaded Castle in Elden Ring, Patches returns to Murkwater Cave. If players revisit the location, they’ll notice the telltale yellow fog has returned and blocks the area where Patches previously set up his shop. Note, players don’t have to give the Dancer’s Castanets to Tanith for him to appear here.

However, when you enter the cavern, Patches is nowhere to be seen. To trigger his appearance, open the treasure chest (don’t worry, it’s not trapped anymore). He’ll accuse players of trying to steal his treasure and attack. DO NOT FIGHT BACK! At this point, most players will have practically achieved godhood, and Patches is a fragile boy.

After a few moments, Patches will recognize the player and beg for mercy. Shortly after that, the victory text will display, and players will be rewarded with the Patches’ Crouch gesture.

Speaking to him reveals these lines:


It’s been ages since I’ve seen you.

I didn’t even realize it was you.

Took you for a demi-human, or some such.

You know how it is, just an innocent mistake.

Water under the bridge, eh, back to business as usual?

Hell’s bells…

This bandit business is hardly what it’s cracked up to be…

Especially if we keep running into the likes of you…

…Maybe I’ll set up another shop with the lads…”

After this, players can reload the area and return to find that Patches has reopened his shop.

“Well, finally made it, eh, and just in time.

For the grand reopening of Patches’ Emporium.

Where you won’t need a refund, ’cause everything is top notch!”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t sell anything new. This seems to be the definitive end of Patches’ questline. No other lines have been datamined for him except for a few relating to another cut quest. However, he’s a popular character, so we’ll likely see more of him in any future DLCs.

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