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Titanfall 2 The Best Titan To Choose

Choosing a Titan in Titanfall 2 isn't easy. There are a total of six of them, and they are all very different from one another. Although each has its own strengths and weaknesses, a few are considered to have a leg up on the competition, especially for newcomers.

There are two Titans that are considered the most reliable of the bunch making them good choices for you to master. Below we will go over which of these two we recommend.



Primary: Semi-auto Cannon

Secondary: Tracking Rockets

Abilities: Particle Wall, Sonar Lock

Core Ability: Salvo Core

Tone is the most well-rounded Titan, allowing him to perform well without having to worry about a hard counter like the other Titans. The only catch is that he's unlocked at level 11, so you will need to try out the other Titans before purchasing him later.

The Semi-Auto Cannon is very reliable and provides great damage to both Pilots and Titans without requiring unnecessarily accurate aim. The same applies to Tracking Rockets, which will forgive you when you aren't precise provided your timing is good.

Note that when you achieve a lock on a target, your Core Ability "Salvo Core" will track that target. This ability should be woven into your Primary rotation for big burst potential.

Be sure to use your Particle Wall when under pressure from the front. This will disrupt an enemy's attacks and give you an edge in battle.

The good balance of offense and defense of this Titan makes it an incredibly powerful choice in all situations.

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