Quordle Answer 191

Quordle Answer 191: August 3, 2022 Word Solution

The Quordle answer 191 for August 3, 2022 has been discovered, and the puzzle is simple for the most part but has one word in particular that might throw you off hard. The entire solution has a relatively low number of uncommon or rare consonants at around three, whereas the typical Quordle as about five. Two of the words should be quite easy to solve, but two of them might give you some trouble. As for the most difficult word, it would definitely be the one in the top-right corner, and so if you need a hint, it’s a type of reward. Need the full answer? You can view it right down below.

What is Quordle answer 191? (August 3, 2022)

Quordle Answer 191

The Quordle answer 191 is:

  • “CREST”
  • “PRIZE”
  • “MONTH”
  • “LEAST”

It’s obvious why “PRIZE” might make you waste a guess at a glance. The extremely rare “Z” consonant will likely not be your first for filling in the missing letters. Following the regular strategy of handling all of the vowels and uncommon letters early on, you’ll get the “R,” “I,” and “E” fairly quickly, though they won’t give you a lot of information. Along with the uncommon “P” consonant, it will likely take you a few extra rows to figure out the word.

The easiest words in the puzzle are “CREST” and “LEAST” which all have very common letters. The lack of double letters throughout the solution will help you get most of the words. On the flip side, “MONTH” might be harder than usual if you don’t usually clear the “M” or “H” consonants near the start. Worse yet, figuring out “PRIZE” or “MONTH” will get you pretty much no help in solving the other one. Taken altogether, you may need to use all nine rows to solve all four words this time around.

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