Box art - Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Where To Purchase Additional Music and Soundtracks

In every town and resort you come across, there are multiple vendors who sell goods ranging from weapons to potions, along with much more. The same vendors that sell general goods such as potions and elixirs are also selling the soundtracks to various Final Fantasy games. These soundtracks are listed under the Regalia tab. Once you purchase them, you’ll be able to listen to these songs on the road inside of your vehicle. In order to listen to music while on foot, you must purchase a Portable Walkman from the vehicle shop.

In the Leide region (Chapter 1)  there are over four soundtracks that you can purchase:
  • Memories of FFIV (Hammerhead Market Vendor)
  • Memories of FFVII (Hammerhead Market Vendor)
  • Memories of FFV (Hammerhead Market Vendor)
  • Memories of FFII (Crows Nest Diner Vendor)

In the Duscae region, there are over five soundtracks that you can purchase:

  • Memories of FFX (Wiz Chocobo Post Vendor)
  • Memories of FFIII (Alstor Coernix Vendor)
  • Memories of FFIX (Disc 1) (Coernix Cauthess Vendor)
  • Memories of FFIX (Disc 2) (Coernix Cauthess Vendor)
  • Memories of FFVI (Taelpar Shop Vendor)

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