Box art - Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 Willamette Mall Panic Room Locations

Here are all the Panic Room locations for the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Region in Dead Rising 4, denoted by the purple squares. You'll find their detailed locations below the images.

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1. Synthetic Cosmetics - directly on the floor. They keypad is exposed.

2. Virago Hotel Lobby on the back wall in the elevator hallway.

3. Cruz Tanning Salon - Back wall in between tanning booths.

4. Max Dymond Jewelers - Back wall, left corner, behind the painting.

5. Classy Jack's Antiques - Back wall behind thin bookshelf.

6. North Pole Town Square Workshop - Back wall, right corner.

7. B. Reddy Insurance - Right wall, back corner

8. Manskape Stylists - Back wall, center.

9. Charms of Desire - Back wall, left corner.

10. White Rook Protection - Bottom floor, left wall, back corner.

11. Komodo Body Art - Back Wall, Center