Box art - Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 Old Town Panic Room Locations

Here are all the Panic Room locations for the Old Town Region in Dead Rising 4, denoted by the purple squares. You'll find their detailed locations below the images.

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1. McKenzie Auto - Back room on the floor, switch exposed on the wall.

2. Cochrane's Irish Pub - Basement on the right wall in between posters.

3. B. Reddy Insurance - Second floor (alleyway dumpster access), in the large room behind a bookshelf.

4. Apartment Above Dodds Drugs - Alleyway dumpster access - behind the bookshelf in the hallway next to the kitchen.

5. Willamette Gazette - Immediately to the right before the back door.

6. Willamette City Hall Archives - In a room past the files (night vision lens maybe required to get there), on the floor, switch exposed on the wall.

7. Willamette Bus Depot - Left wall behind the counter.