Box art - Bowmasters

Bowmasters iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • The first shot you make will be the basis for all other calculations. Try to remember the angle and the power of the shot, so you can adjust it later on.
  • Weapons like Terrance’s chainsaw are great for when you’re having trouble hitting the target. Use them to get rid of some annoying obstacles that hinder your progress.
  • Don’t forget to try out all of the weapons available. They all have special functions that you should learn to use them efficiently.
  • Bird Hunt is your best option for some extra coins. The challenges aren’t that difficult and you can amount to about 300 coins.
  • Go easy with the Hipster’s cell phone as it bounces, so you need to aim lower.
  • The magic card is a couple of shots within one, so use it as a last measure, when you really can’t hit the target, like in the bird mode.