War Dragons iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Send in your warrior Dragon in first when attacking a heavily fortified city, as they are a more durable type of dragons than hunter and sorcerer ones, so they can withstand heavy fire and thin out enemy ranks.
  • Sorcerer dragons have a wide area of impact, meaning that they can damage multiple buildings at the same time, so they should be your prime choice when attacking a cluster of defense towers.
  • You can become a member of a guild, and members of the guild help each other in both attacks and defenses.
  • Use Evasion spell on your hunter dragon to make him fly over an island quickly and target the next one.
  • The fewer dragons you use to complete a mission, the higher the amount of earned wood, experience, and food you'll earn.
  • Red mage towers block and disables red spells, while the blue mage towers do the same for blue spells.
  • Cannon towers break through any shield, even invincibility isn't invincible when you have them.
  • Lightning towers amplify each other's power, so aim to group them together.