Fire Emblem Heroes How To Level Up Heroes As Fast As Possible

If you're like us, you want your party in Fire Emblem Heroes to be as strong as possible. There's  only one way to do that:  by leveling up.

Below we'll go over the quickest ways to level up your party.



There is no way around it, most of the experience your heroes will earn is through battle. Note that killing blows reward the attacker with bonus experience, an element that you will want to consider when engaging with an opponent. With that in mind, you will want to get everyone in your party involved so you can have multiple powerful heroes, instead of just one or two.


You can use Crystals outside of battle to award one of your party members with experience. These can be purchased or obtained as rewards throughout the campaign. It is recommended that you only use these on your favorite heroes, as they are somewhat rare.


The Castle is a purchasable building that increases the experience you gain party-wide by +100%. Given the enormous benefits of this, it is recommended that you invest in it as early as possible.


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