Box art - Amateur Surgeon 4

Amateur Surgeon 4 iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • As this is a game of precision, the first thing we advise is that you shouldn't play it on public transport as a bump on the road can claim the life of your patient.
  • Staple, lighter, balm. Remember this order as it is the most important sequence of moves in the game, and it will serve you for so many operations.
  • When you run into control chips that need to be removed you should burn them off and then extinguish the fire with a vacuum cleaner.
  • On the Daily Play option of the Missions page, you can get a reward every time you log in. It's possible to trick the game by changing the time on your phone one day ahead to get the reward again and again.
  • If you believe that you finished a level, yet nothing is happening, select the scanner and look for the green pulse, as it indicates there's still something stuck that you can't see.
  • Partners are highly valuable as you can't get the highest rating on some levels without their help. An important thing to take notice of is that you can still operate while your assistant is doing his thing. Saving lives by saving seconds.