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Nioh A Guide To Choosing a Guardian Spirit (Kato, Isonade, or Daiba)

After a short tutorial, you will be required to choose from a selection of options to build your character in Nioh. Among the options is a selection between three Guardian Spirits. This is a choice that you can't undo later on, even if you respec your stats.

We'll go over everything you need to know when choosing a Guardian Spirit below.


A wolf, and Guardian Spirit of the fire elemental. Strengthens the attacking power of those in its protection

Stat: Strength +1

Explanation: Strength is a decent stat that is preferable for anyone who is interested in using Axes, which is one of the less effective weapon types. Generally speaking, this isn't the best option, but it's a relatively safe one given the effectives of the Strength stat.


A shark, and Guardian Spirit of the water elemental. Amplifies the ability of those in its protection to sense enemies.

Stat: Spirit +1

Explanation: For most players this will be the best choice. Spirit might not seem like an important stat initially, but increasing it is hugely beneficial. Once your Spirit hits 12 or higher you unlock greater potential from your Guardian Spirit, which will be an important asset to you clearing difficult enemies and even bosses throughout the game.


​A hawk, and Guardian Spirit of the wind elemental. Increases the evasive abilities of those in its protection

Stat: Skill +1

Explanation: We would recommend against choosing this Guardian Spirit as Skill isn't a great stat unless you plan on maining dual swords throughout your playthrough.


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