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Nioh 2 Clawed Fist DLC weapon guide

The Nioh 2 Clawed Fist and Fist weapons in the Darkness in the Capital DLC are the big new pieces of gear in the expansion. These are like big gauntlets you can quickly punch around with. The Clawed variant is like the regular Fists, but have blades sticking out of them like Wolverine.

How to get the Fist weapons

Nioh 2 Clawed Fist DLC weapon guide

The Fists are like a faster version of the Tonfas. This means they are quite quick and you wear one on each arm. The Clawed Fists behave similarly and are under the same skill tree and familiarity rating. They just have a slightly different icon.

Find them around missions

The Fists are thankfully not difficult to actually find. You can get them almost right away in the “Suzune in the Flames” mission (which you can read more about here) in the Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital DLC as well as any other mission. They’ll drop from enemies or be in one of the early chests. You’ll probably get one by accident and you’ll know because it’ll have a gauntlet as the weapon icon, as you can see in the next section. Clawed Fists seem to be a little more rare, but are found in the same ways.

Nioh 2 Fist abilities

Nioh 2 Clawed Fist DLC weapon guide

The Fists have many boxing-adjacent moves and are mainly focused on speed and are the same for the Clawed Fists. Ocean Zephyr is like a Low Stance dodge that can be upgraded with a quick jab. Reckless Charge is a charge move that knocks smaller enemies over and can be upgraded with a second attack.

There are also an assortment of different basic melee attacks as well as counters. One of the counters has you lie low to the ground and parry on the way up. You can even now do an attack after you fall, which is yet another way this weapon blends mobility and offense.

It also has a few specific moves that make the Fists more interesting. The Rising Gale move allows you to move forward when you do a successful Ki Pulse, furthering your mobility.

But the Unbroken skill is arguably the most unusual. This difficult move allows you to string together multiple different attacks. It is difficult to pull off but rewards skilled players.

Nioh 2 Fist weapon build

Nioh 2 Clawed Fist DLC weapon guide

There is no one perfect build for the Fists in Nioh 2 but there are some good stats to buff according to what you want to do. The Fists don’t do a ton of damage so it might be worth it to seek out accessories and armor that buff your damage. Or you could lean into that agility and go for gear that buffs you Ki or Ki Charges. Some of the Fists even have elemental properties so it might be worth it to look into parts that have better elemental damage.

The Strength skill will also increase your proficiency with Fists as well as the Odachi. Buffing that skill will help considerably. A slow, strong weapon like the Odachi, Axe, or Spear might be good to have as a secondary to balance out the quickness of the Fists. Or, again, you can just double down on your quickness and equip the Tonfas in that secondary slot.

For skills, you’ll want the usual Ki bonuses (Relentless, Relentless II, and Relentless III) to ensure you don’t run out of Ki. Rising Gale is also great because it allows you to push forward while using a Ki Pulse. Unbroken is tough to use but has a high payout if you can learn it. Everything else just depends on how you want to play, either with charge moves, counters, or acrobatic attacks.

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