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Nioh How To Play In Co-Op Multiplayer

Upon completing your first mission (Isle Of Demons), you will gain access to Nioh's co-op feature. To join a party with another player, you will need to head to a Shrine and select one of the two co-op modes to enter.

The two co-op modes are as follows:
  • Random Encounter - One player joins another to assist them with a mission. If the host dies, the lobby is closed. The assisting player must have already completed the area to join.
  • Yokai Realm - A level is shared with two players. If one player dies, they can be revived as long as there are points in the Assist Gauge. Both players must have access to the mission to join.

Co-op is a great way to have fun with a friend, or make progression easier. It is highly recommended for players who are stuck on a boss or section of the game.


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