Box art - Dream Defense

Dream Defense iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • You’ll want to use different weapons on different enemies. For example, the Acid Goo Shooter is great for slower enemies, because it deals damage over time. If they’re slow enough, they might not even get to you.
  • Bubble Shields can be easily popped using a Dart Bow, so keep that in mind.
  • A Dreamcatcher is a great power-up that groups together your enemies so you can get rid of them more easily. You can also use the Cream Freezer that, obviously, freezes the targets. If you make a combo of the two, you will get a whole lot of points.
  • Use Super Robot Stamp only as a final resort if you see that you can’t possibly defeat all the enemies on the screen.
  • You can increase your hit points with the Bed Cushion and Barricades.
  • Of course, remember to upgrade all of your defenses, power-ups, and weapons whenever you can. Sometimes you’re a click away from total annihilation.