Box art - PinOut!

PinOut! iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • You should first focus on collecting the white dots. Each one extends your time by one second, and every second counts in this game.
  • Learn how to steady the ball with the flippers, so that you can launch it when you want and make some precise hits.
  • If you feel that the game is too fast for you, work towards getting the slow motion power-up. Some players don’t like it because it interferes with the game’s natural rhythm, but you might find it quite useful.
  • If you combine the right use of flippers and the Motion Link power-up, you will be able to steady the ball and take all the time you need for that perfect shot.
  • Another quite interesting power-up is Push. With it, you can move the ball even when it’s not close to the flippers.
  • Playing mini-games is a great way of adding seconds to your timer, if you’re good enough. For example, in Lazer Racer, you get extra time for every car you pass by.
  • The only way to save your progress is to upgrade the game to Premium package, which obviously costs money. It is also a great way of supporting young developers, so why not?