Octodad: Dadliest Catch iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Octodad is all about finding the right rhythm of movement, so take your time when performing the tasks.
  • You will move better without the items, so instead of carrying them around, just throw them in the direction you want.
  • Most of the time there are a number of ways to avoid the enemies, so experiment with various approaches.
  • There is a secret level in the Aquatic Fun Center’s bathroom. If you sit on the toilet in the middle stall and flush it, the hidden level will begin.
  • Among the secret things in the game is the reference to another famous indie game - Stanley Parable. It is in the form of a poster that says “Stanley’s Pair o’ Bowls.”
  • There is also, among others, a reference to the Surgeon Simulator, a game that also uses unorthodox movement mechanics. In Octodad, it is presented as a board game on one of the shelfs.