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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Surviving The Cold Guide

One of your first great challenges in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is surviving the cold. One of the first four shrines you visit is located on a snowy hilltop, only accessible by crossing an icy waterfall. It is common to die during the section.

There are a variety of ways to increase your cold resistance, the most available of which is by eating certain foods. The recipes for all of the game's cold resistance oriented foods are available below.

Note that in order to cook you need to head into your inventory and hold all required items in a recipe. Then, simply drop them into a pot/cauldron with a fire underneath it. Sometimes you will need to start a fire under a pot/cauldron, or use a torch to transfer the fire from a campfire to the pot/cauldron.


Spicy Sauteed PeppersCold Resistance,

+1 Heart
Spicy PepperGrants low-level cold resistance. The spiciness of these sautéed peppers has been broken by the heat for a sweeter taste.
Spicy Simmered FruitCold Resistance,

+1 Heart
Apple, Spicy PepperGrants low-level cold resistance. This sweet dish is made by heaping tasty fruits into a pan and simmering until tender.
Spicy ElixirCold ResistanceBokoblin Horn, Sizzlewing ButterflyWarms your body from its core, increasing your resistance to cold environments. Very useful in the snow-covered mountains.
Spicy Fruit and Mushroom MixCold Resistance,

+5 Hearts
Spicy Pepper,

Hylian Shroom
Grants low-level cold resistance. This dish contrasts the sweetness of fruit with the savoriness of mushrooms.
Spicy Pepper SteakCold Resistance, +5 HeartsSpicy Pepper, Hylian Mushroom, Raw MeatTemporarily raises your body temperature. A dish made by cooking meat in crushed peppers, surpressing the gamy taste while accentuating its flavor.

In the case of the shrines located in the southwest portion of the starting area, your best bet is to pick up the spicy peppers on the north side of the river where a camp is located. You can gather all required materials and cook your food at this location before heading into the snow.

The second way to increase your cold resistance is by equipping armor that has a cold resistance attribute, such as the Warm Doublet. These armors can be found in treasure chest or purchased from vendors around the world. You won't find one during your first couple hours, but over time you'll amass a collection of armors that will serve you well in the game's harsh environments.

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