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NieR: Automata A Guide To All 26 Endings (No Spoilers)

As advertised, Nier: Automata has a lot of endings. 26 in-fact. Each of the endings correspond to the letter of the alphabet, with a clever name associated with that letter.

Every ending is achieved through various decisions you make throughout the game, in addition to unique actions that sometimes require you to be within a third playthrough. With this, there is plenty of replay value that encourages that you start a new game with new objectives, and perhaps a higher difficulty.

Below are how you get all the different endings.

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

Complete the game for your first time.

Ending B: or not to [B]e

Continue from your save file after achieving Ending A.

Ending C: meaningless [C]ode

During your third playthrough (route C), choose "A2" during the final boss. Then, say "No" to POD's request during the credits.

Ending D: chil[D]hood's end

During your third playthrough, choose "9S" while engaged in the final battle before selecting "I'll go with you".

Ending E: the [E]nd of YoRHa

Continuing from endings C and D during a third playthrough, wait for the credits and accept the POD's request with a 'Yes'. An epilogue must then be completed.

Ending F: mission [F]ailed

During an ending B playthrough simply run out of time with 9S tries to restore his OS.

Ending G: hun[G]ry for knowledge

After achieving ending A, fail the mission when 9S arrives at the crane area.

Ending H: a mountain too [H]igh

Flee from the battlefield and fail the mission when the second Goliath is in the city.

Ending I: no [I] in team

While in Copied City during your first playthrough, defeat the boss, but run away from 9S afterward.

Ending J: bad [J]udgment

During Chapter 09-01_3 kill the "friendly" machines, including the Pastor.

Ending K: aji wo [K]utta

Eat the Mackerel fish given to you by Jackass at the Desert Camp.

Ending L: [L]one wolf

Leave the battle area to fail the mission during the final battle of a route A or B (first or second playthrough) run.

Ending M: break ti[M]e

Don't enter Pascal's Village to help during a third playthrough (route C) run.

Ending N: [N]o man's village

Slay villagers in Pascal's Village.

Ending O: just y[O]u and me

At the beginning of a third playthrough (route C), run away instead of engaging.

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Ending P: corru[P]tion

Allow 2B to die from the virus during a third playthrough (route C).

Ending Q: [Q]uestionable actions

Lose 2B as 9S during a third playthrough (route C).

Ending R: mave[R]ick

Destroy the friendly robots near Pascal in the Abandoned Factory.

Ending S: city e[S]cape

During a third playthrough (route C), run away from Popola and Devola when the tower hack sequence begins.

Ending T: fa[T]al error

Remove your OS Chip in the menus.

Ending U: deb[U]nked

Blow up the Bunker using Self-Destruct.

Ending V: reckless bra[V]ery

When fighting alongside Devola and Popola, wait until they run out of energy and don't hack the tower.

Ending W: broken [W]ings

Perish during the very first mission.

Ending X: time to rela[X]

When A2 and 2B meet at the commercial center, avoid helping 2B.

Ending Y: head[Y] battle

During "Emil's Determination" (secret boss), make sure Emil self-destructs.

Ending Z: over[Z]ealous

Kill Pascal after saving her when she is first met.

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