Box art - NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata The Best Weapon And Where To Get It

There are more than two dozen weapons to collect in NieR: Automata, each ranging from small to large, and across various weapon types. Although PlatinumGames made an effort to balance them, there are a few that stand out from the others. The good news is that one of the greatest weapons can be grabbed at the beginning of your adventure. It's called the Virtuous Treaty, and it's a massive, beautiful sword that will serve you well.

You can grab the Virtuous Treaty once you complete the prologue and gain access to the open-world. To find this weapon, first head to the Resistance Camp. When exiting the camp from the front entrance, head left and stay left until you come across an open grassy area (past the shallow pond). You should see a collapsed bridge that routes past the buildings that you can hop onto by jumping up a few objects.

Follow this route forward and eventually up a small flight of stairs. You will eventually reach a large open area with large stairs where you to go left or right, with the right side leading to the Abandoned Factory where the prologue took place. Go left (downward) and you should visibly see the Virtuous Treaty and can pick it up.

This is a large weapon that has two special abilities as follows:
  • Attack Speed Up - Increases the speed of attacks.
  • Holy Blessing - Increase attack power when HP is full.

This weapon is comparable if not better than all other Large Weapons, making it well worth your upgrade investment.

In regards to Small Weapons, surprisingly the Virtuous Contract is arguably the best despite being the default weapon. This weapon pairs well with the Virtuous Treaty due to having similar attributes and weapon models.